Reasons so many
practitioners use Insync Consent


Insync Consent is compatible on all devices, including desktop, tablets and mobile


Branded interface

Create consent and aftercare forms, or select from over 800 templates

Send appointment reminders and marketing messages direct to clients

Secure and Safe

Securely save all client data in one place

GDPR and HIPPA compliant

Export data when needed

Transform your consent forms


Create and brand consent and aftercare forms

Instantly create and brand your own forms that fit your business needs

Add company branding

Store unlimited consent and aftercare forms

Run as many clinics as needed in one place

Manage client bookings within a real time booking system

Find industry services to improve your business


Client data in real time

Send SMS appointment reminders

Manage all client bookings and events

Use the app or desktop to run your business

Work online or offline

Ditch paper go digital

Insync Consent is part of daily clinic life, allowing practitioners to have more time after clinic, rather than having to manage paperwork.

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Lots of Happy Practitioners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own questions within each consent form?

Yes, you have the ability to include your own questions and modify the preset ones.

Can I create my own treatment listings that I offer clients?

Yes, you are able to add/remove treatments offered that are applicable to your practice. These treatments will be in a dropdown on your consent forms.

How do we contact Insync Consent?

You can reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, log into the app or website, click on the chat icon, select the appropriate topic for your concern, type out your message, and hit send.

I’ve got some ideas for Insync Consent I think should be included.

We always appreciate hearing from you! Feel free to email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can log into our app or website, select the chat icon, choose the relevant category for your concern, write your message, and then click send. Our team will promptly review and address your concern.

Will Insync Consent be adding new features ?

We are constantly enhancing our services with new features to simplify your business operations and elevate the experience of your clients.

Let's get started

Insync Consent can be downloaded from the app store and Google play for free