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Prescribers and Pharmacy Questions

Click Create Prescription and click Search Prescribers. Make sure your location settings are on to access it properly. Or use the search prescriber from here Search Prescribers

Currently, pharmacies and prescribers are only UK based, but we will be expanding very soon!

Please send us your email address and we’ll take a look at your registration status.

We suggest that you contact your insurance company and request a new document once your insurance has been renewed. But in the meantime, yes you can.

Yes, as long as it's on the date for this month.

First, let the prescriber know the problem. The prescriber has the option to do the prescription again.

All pharmacies have different cut off times, however, to be on the safe side, order before 3 pm.

Please contact your prescriber and explain what happened. We need to contact the pharmacy on your behalf so we can request a refund. Kindly send us the script for us to forward to the pharmacy.

You need to submit another prescription, pay the prescriber £1 and pay the products again.

Please try to process the payment on the site If it is still not working, please call us at 01785 558018 and we’ll sort it for you.

Please contact your prescriber directly as the payment is being sent to their account directly. Failing that please contact us, at [email protected]

Check your location settings on your device. If it’s still not working, please contact us at any of our social media accounts or send us an email at [email protected] or call us.

Yes, POM and non-POM items can be purchased together as one prescription, but the products purchased must be for the specified patient, not to order stock. The confirmation of a prescription request will be determined by your prescriber.